Andros Island Bonefishing

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Andros island Bonefish Club has quite a varried terrain and you need to adjust your fly selections to the fishing situations that you will encounter. It won't hurt to prepare for everything from bones to sharks depending on what the weather dictates. The bonefish will be looking for Charlies, Gotchas and Clousers in size 2 through 6. Color choices are pink, tan,gold and white. Make sure you have clousers in Chartreuse and olive. Other great flies to have along would be shrimp patterns like all of the many Mantis Shrimps that are out there. Two that come to mind are Veverkas Mantis Shrimp (which seem to work anywhere) and DL's mantis shrimp. Weighted crabs and gobie (fish) patterns are also reccommended. Don't forget the Barracuda flies and the red Shark flies, all with wire leaders:

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Christmas Island Special

Bonefish Deep Minnow

Pink Gotcha

Perez Velcro Crab

About the Lodge

Andros Island Bonefish Club

Accommodations are in spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned cottages with private bath, refrigerator, two queen-sized beds, ceiling fans and plenty of room for fishing tackle and personal belongings. Daily housekeeping is provided and laundry service is available upon request. The lodge is well equipped for comfort with an indoor sitting room, a game room and library, and a new outdoor waterside bar. The lounge area is also equipped with satellite TV, a well stocked bar, a well-outfitted fly tying table, and hand-rolled cigars available upon request. The atmosphere on Andros is delightful. The local people are extremely friendly and welcome visitors with open arms.

About the Fishing

Andros Island Bonefish Club Andros Island, located approximately 150 miles east of the Florida Keys, is a premier bonefish destination. This Bahamian Island, which is over 100 miles long and in places up to 40 miles wide, consists of a vast area of flats, creeks, cays, cuts, mangroves, and fertile fishing grounds. If you are a serious angler looking for big bones, then Andros Island should strongly be considered. Andros is arguably the best island in the Bahamas – if not the best in the world – for seeking BIG bonefish! If you are a first-time saltwater fisherman or an intermediate angler looking to improve, then Andros is a great place due to the sheer number of bonefish that inhabit the waters. Anglers new to fishing for bones can be taken to areas of the island where they can tune their skills on large numbers of small to medium-sized fish, usually from one to four pounds. These smaller fish are found in large numbers and – for the most part – are easily fooled. For those seeking diversity, there are opportunities for tarpon, permit, jacks, barracuda, sharks, snapper, grouper, dolphin, wahoo, and many other species. Want to spend a couple of days fishing offshore? Ask ahead of time as the angling can be excellent for a variety of offshore fish from dorado and wahoo to sailfish and tuna. Permit, tarpon, barracuda, and sharks can also be found on the flats throughout the year. Specify your interest and your guide will lead you in the right direction!

Andros Island Bonefish Club One of the main draws for anglers visiting Andros is the uninhabited “West Side” of the island. A good portion of unexplored territory still remains on the west side, and the fish are rarely pressured. This equates to a large population of fish, many of which reach world-class size. (Some bonefish on the west side will push 15+ pounds!) This side of the island is acknowledged as one of the premier “trophy bonefish” areas in the world. The west coast is also one of the better destinations in the Bahamas for tarpon. Tarpon fishing is usually best during the warmer months. A boat ride from Andros Island Bonefish Club to the west side will average one to one and a half hours.

The Boats

Anglers fish from 16-foot Dolphin Super Skiffs, complete with poling platforms, 90-140HP Yamaha outboards, and spacious casting decks. They are roomy, fast and comfortable.


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