Deep Water Cay Club


Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Grand Bahama is diverse and so are the possibilities when it comes to the fish and the flies. You'll need some bigger and heavier flies for the deeper water but 4's and 6's will have to be in your fly box. Bring Clousers in tan and pink sizes 2 through 4, Gotcha Clousers in pink, Some Charlies with a bunny wing for flavor. Don't forget to have flies for the beautiful Mutton snappers that you'll find there, clousers in chartreuse and white and tan and white. Add a barracuda fly and some small to medium baitfish patterns for the big jacks and you'll have it covered.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Beck's Sili Legs

Nyap Popper

Gotcha Clouser


About the Fishing

DWCC Deep Water Cay Club (DWCC) is located on a small, private island on the eastern-most shores of Grand Bahama Island. You actually cannot drive any further east on the island, and in fact guests take a short boat ride from the main island to reach the club's private cay. The long-time guide staff works directly from the club's marina, and typical boat rides to the flats range from 15 - 45 minutes. This makes DWCC perfect for those who prefer to fish closer to a destination, and not spend time trailering boats or taking long boat rides. Much like the bights of Andros, this area of Grand Bahama is perfectly situated for fishing optimal tides throughout the day. Since DWCC is located in the middle of Big and Little Harbour Cays, Sweetings Cay, Lightbourne and Michael's Cays, there are numerous smaller bights or waterways that connect the northern and southern shores of the tip of Grand Bahama Island. These intricate creeks, lagoons, and bights allow your guide to locate feeding bonefish throughout the day, thus preventing anglers from getting "stuck" fishing in unproductive areas during extreme high and low tides. This maximizes your fishing time when fishing out of DWCC. The winds can play a large role in how water moves through these bights, so having experienced guides that know this specific area is vital, and the guides at DWCC are true professionals who know the local flats very well. The bights of this area are also large enough to provide protection from the wind no matter it's direction.

DWCC While Grand Bahama is well known for having larger-than-average bonefish, the guides can also easily target numbers of schooling fish as well. The area's inland flats are ideal for a "numbers day", which is great for novice saltwater anglers. The guides can also lead you to the ocean flats for the larger, deep-water bones. Here at Yellow Dog, we often-times have anglers of different skill levels traveling together, and at DWCC, the skilled guides can accommodate this situation easily. It is no problem to target both "quality and quantities" of bones in this diverse flats system in a single day, and best of all, there is minimal running time in the boat. You can count on catching bonefish at Deep Water Cay all year long. The only difference has to do with size of the fish and the general weather conditions. January and February is a good time of year, with an occasional Northern wind cooling off the flats. January’s average temperature is 69 degrees, and you’ll find good numbers of bones in the 3-6 pound class. March, April and May are peak Bahamian bonefishing months, and they are terrific for both numbers and size of fish. The summer months, June, July and August, can produce big schools of bonefish and fish up to 8 pounds. September through November is big fish time, which is usually when the biggest fish of the year are caught. Besides bonefish, the waters around DWCC produce solid action for barracuda, snapper and sharks. The guides are also permit savvy and with the new fleet of Hells Bay skiffs, they can run to some of the outlaying cays and larger islands that are rarely fished. These areas can produce some of the most consistent permit action found anywhere in the Bahamas. These remote and pristine areas can take up to one hour to reach, but in DWCC's new boats, you will have a comfortable ride.

One of our favorite aspects of a fly fishing vacation is when a destination has productive "home flats" to fish early or late in the day, and DWCC has great flats located right out your door. This makes for fun arrival and departure day fishing to "knock the rust off" your casting, and allows those who can "never get enough during a guided day" to wade on their own look for tailing fish as the sun sets. If you are visiting DWCC with a non-angler, hitting the home flats for a couple of hours at a time during a non-guided fishing day is a great way to keep everyone happy during your vacation.

DWCC is located in the midst of an incredibly diverse string of ocean currents, which also makes this area productive for deep sea and blue water fishing. These currents bring Wahoo, sailfish, marlin, Mahi Mahi, and tuna close to the island, which means that at certain times of the year, anglers have short runs to prime fishing. If you are interested in pursuing bluewater species while at DWCC, the Club may be able to accommodate you based on time of year and other conditions. Contact Yellow Dog for more information.

About the Lodging

Deep Water Cay Club Lodge When you step out of your Deep Water Cay cottage in the morning, you will find nothing but tranquility. Accommodations at Deep Water Cay are comfortably relaxed and at the same time much nicer than what is usually found at a "bonefish operation" in the Bahamas. Individuals or fishing partners typically prefer the Club's cabanas. The cabanas are one-bedroom units with a private bathroom and two full beds. Each cabana has a front porch (which overlooks a large home-waters bonefish flat), and each is appointed with a refrigerator, coffee maker, walk-in closet, and air conditioning. You’ll be situated equidistant from the clubhouse, welcome center, dock, and infinity pool. For families, small groups, or those looking for more privacy, private homes are also available. The deluxe private homes are more spacious and include full kitchens, sitting and living rooms, dining areas, and wrap-around verandas. There are a variety of different cottages and private houses to choose from to suit your particular needs.

Boats and Equipment

Anglers fish from 2011 Hell’s Bay Professional 17.8's and Marquesa skiffs with Yamaha four-stroke outboard engines. All of the boats have removable lean bars, plenty of rod storage, dry storage areas, and very comfortable seats with backrests. These are excellent skiffs and pole in remarkably shallow water. All the boats have well stocked coolers for lunch and refreshments. The Club's Pro Shop is fully stocked with the best quality fly gear on the market. You’ll find Sage Rods, Tibor Reels, and Rio Fly Lines for purchase or for rent. They also have a great selection of flies, leaders and tippet. If you forget anything at home, they will have it!


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