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About the Fishing

Bonefish The fishing season runs from November until August, thus avoiding the cyclone period during September and October. The beginning of the season from November to January is very good, with plenty of bonefish (especially big ones) on the flats and mangrove areas. Fishing for tarpon and other species can also be excellent. This is a great time to plan a trip to Cayo Largo, as the weather is much warmer in Cuba than in Europe or Northern America.

Peak fishing season is from February to June, when all species are present in the area. Tarpon, bones, permit and jack will all be encountered during these months. The migratory tarpon, weighing in at 80 to 100 pounds (averaging 15 to 30 pounds) are regularly spotted and shots at permit are very frequent. Peak season is the best time to try for a Gland Slam. Permit Numerous Grand Slams are achieved each season as well as a few Super Grand Slams (tarpon, bonefish, permit and snook). In the late season, the weather gets hot but the fishing is still very productive, especially for tarpon and permit. Angling for bonefish is also very good in the morning and in the evening. Avalon's statistics indicate a very surprising summer phenomenon: that the same number of fish are caught during the hot months, but by half the number of rods. This illustrates in detail how fabulously productive the summer months in Cayo Largo are for anglers.

Cayo Largo guides are local, professional and highly experienced. In fact, Avalon employed the expertise and years of experience of the Cayo Largo team to train guides for their newer operation on Cayo Cruz.

About the Lodge


Most packages on Cayo Largo include a stay at the Hotel Sol Cayo Largo. This is a large-scale, full-service, all-inclusive beach resort located on the southern shore of Cayo Largo del Sur. Located only five minutes from the island's Vino Acuña International Airport (CYO), the resort offers a total of 296 rooms, all built with a view of the ocean and situated on a bluff that overlooks the pristine beaches of southern Cuba. The resort offers an all-inclusive experience, with several different restaurants, bars, social areas, lounge areas and swimming pools. Rooms are air conditioned and spacious, and all offer direct access to the beaches and the pools of the resort. Pool Daily housekeeping is included, and a concierge staff can assist with any special requests. All meals, drinks and even your bar tab are included in these packages. Each morning a shuttle van will pick up anglers from in front of the main lobby entrance and shuttle the group to the island’s marina area, located only ten minutes from the hotel. All fishing gear, rods, and other equipment can be left at the Avalon fishing center for the week, making the daily transfers quick and easy.

Food and Beverages
All dining (breakfast and dinner) typically takes place at the Hotel Sol Cayo Caribe in one of the resort's all-inclusive restaurants. The main restaurant is always features a full service, expansive buffet. All meals are totally included in your package, and the buffet always features a full line-up of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, breads, desserts and more. The breakfast buffet each morning is equally as expansive, with omelets and eggs cooked-to-order, fruit, breads, meat and much more. Lunch is day is typically packed for your day on the water and includes sandwiches, chips, etc. Back at the resort, the bar tab and all drinks are included in your package!

About the Boats

Skiffs The fishing boats used by Avalon are Dolphin Super Skiffs outfitted with Yamaha 60 or 70HP motors, comfortable seats and poling platforms for the guides. Radios and life jackets are carried aboard every skiff. It is recommended that anglers bring their own fishing equipment. Flies, leaders, tippet, all terminal tackle, and all accessories should be packed, as very few items are available anywhere in Cuba.


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