Chester's Highway Inn

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
The classic shrimp and minnow bonefish patterns such as Charlies and Gotchas in tan and pink are tough to beat. Size #6 is the most popular size. It is a pleasant fact however that any bonefish pattern in sizes 4, 6, and 8 is worth giving a try on Acklins flats. Concentrate on patterns with medium to lightweight. A few flies with dumbbell lead eyes are O.K., but generally lightweight flies are the best.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Missing Link

Pink Gotcha

Veverkas's Mantis Shrimp


About the Lodge

Lodging Details

Chester's Highway Inn

Located on the northern shore of Acklins Island, overlooking Lovely Bay, with miles of wade in, just steps from your room. Ten rooms have two double beds and living area. Each of the rooms has a private bath, air conditioning and refrigerator.

Food and Beverage
Meal The dining room is an authentic local restaurant in which the culinary staff prepares fresh, locally-caught fish and other local Bahamian dishes. You can expect American-style breakfasts and fresh Bahamian cuisine for dinner. Lunches are packed in coolers for your days on the water. The Lodge carries a fully-stocked bar offering beer, wine, and liquor and will be happy to keep a tab during your stay. Bottled or purified water, juices, and coffee are included in your package price.

Typical Length of Stay
Designated arrival and departure days for the island via scheduled commercial service on Bahamas Air are Wednesdays and Saturdays, which means that a seven (7) nights / six (6) fishing days itinerary is the standard package. Other schedules (Wednesday to Saturday, or Saturday to Wednesday) can be accommodated based on availability. Please call Yellow Dog for details. A charter flight option is also available. If you travel to Acklins by charter flight, you can arrive and depart on any day of the week, and trips of any length can be arranged. Please keep in mind that the guides on the island do not guide or work on Saturdays.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Acklins Island is pristine and quiet island surrounded by beautiful turquoise flats, pristine coral reefs and small cays. The Lodge itself overlooks Lovely Bay, which is a large protected flats system that stretches for miles in either direction. Guests who enjoy DIY snorkeling and kayaking will find miles of solitude, lots of marine and birdlife and beautiful beaches with no one around. Historical tours of the island, beachcombing, beach picnics, snorkeling, reef and offshore fishing, and some nightlife and shopping in small villages (limited!) are all popular activities. The locals on Acklins are incredibly friendly and welcoming to visitors.

Internet / Communications
The Lodge does offer Wi-Fi for guests. Some U.S. cell phones may work throughout the Bahamas depending on your service plan.

About the Fishing

Chester's Inn fishing The fishing on Acklins is typically on foot, although a few of the guides do skiffs with poling platforms. The average bonefish in these waters runs two to four pounds and anglers will find themselves casting at larger fish on a regular basis. You can also expect to spend the week wading pristine flats that seem endless, with no other anglers in sight. Other species include, snapper, jacks, mackerel, sharks, and cudas, all of which can make for some very fast-paced action.

The Boats and Equipment

It is recommended that anglers bring their own gear and equipment, including rods, reels, wading boots, flies and all terminal tackle.


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