Blackfly Lodge

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Fly choices for just about anywhere in Abaco will include the normal Charlies and Gotchas, weighted and unweighted, along with a clouser or two for deeper water. We have discovered four new bonefish patterns that seem to be the ticket for fish around our lodge fishing area including Mores Island. They are the King of Abaco, the Queen of Abaco, Clint's Secret Fly and Vaughn's Peel and Eat. There are permit so any fly selection should have several crab patterns, some for tailing fish and others that you can strip pretty fast for schooling permit. We have discovered the tarpon fishery and we're still working on the patterns that they are interested in, but my guess is a few toads in various colors, the Wiggle Minnow, some standard cockroach patterns and a few poppers or gurglers. This list will be refined as we go along but if you follow these guidlines you'll have success.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Magic Fly

Perez Velcro Crab

EP Spawning Shrimp

Vaughn's Peel N Eat

Welcome to the Blackfly Bonefish Lodge in Abaco Bahamas, where fly fishing for bonefish is a way of life. Fly fishing in Abaco is an easy choice because of the large number of bonefish and permit and it's proximity to Florida with direct flights to Marsh Harbor from many cities on the mainland.

The Blackfly Lodge

We're located on the beautiful island of Abaco in the northern Bahamas, home to some of the largest and best bonefishing in the world. Stories about bonefishing in Abaco have been around for years, but that's nothing compared to the real life action you can find also casting to permit, tarpon, barracudas and mutton snappers on the crystal clear flats surrounding the island.

About the Fishing

bonefish Although flyfishing in Abaco is the most common way anglers catch bonefish, we still host many spin fisherman throughout the year. Bonefishing in the Bahamas has reached a near cult status among flyfisherman in recent years and Blackfly Lodge gives the serious fly angler another incredible destination to pursue their sport. We know you'll enjoy the new Blackfly Lodge in Schooner Bay. If you love flyfishing in the Bahamas, you'll love bonefishing in southern Abaco at the Blackfly Lodge.

Blackfly Lodge is accepting fishing reservations through our booking office at Blackfly Outfitter in Jacksonville Florida. We can accommodate up to 8 anglers fishing for 2 to 7 days per week, each with their own private bath and room, 2 anglers per boat.
Please contact Jean Cochran at 904 997 2220 to make your reservations.
You can reach us by email at

This is a very private and exclusive fishing excursion that some of our anglers have said is the best fishing experience they have ever had in the Bahamas. After reading the testimonials from our recent guests, you'll be reaching for your bags, tying new flies and making your plane reservations.

About the Lodge and how the Blackfly Lodge was born.

Capt. Clint Kemp Black Fly Bonefish Club started out appropriately enough as an art project. Clint Kemp, former minister, native Bahamian, accomplished fishing guide in Nassau and entrepreneur called me one day and asked me if I was interested in doing a series of paintings of the legendary Bahamian guides. The conversation went forward and eventually Clint asked me if I would help him do a flyfishing assessment for a new project called Schooner Bay in Abaco. The company was interested in putting in a fly shop, lodge and outfitter in the project. Well, the fishing was incredible.... add in a couple of rums and some Cuban cigars and we were partners. Sometimes it just happens that way and I suspect that is probably the only way you should ever do something like this..... it's much too impractical of an adventure to think about if you should do it or not.
After managing several fishing lodges in Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize and seeing what was done right and what was done wrong, we can't wait to have fisherman stay with us for the first time and experience what we've learned. We've put together a unique team of partners including legendary guide Paul Pinder, who will be our Director of Fishing. Paul has over the years fished with "Who's Who" in the fishing world and is one of the most respected guides anywhere. Clint Kemp will be our General Manager. This bonefish club is actually a merger of two companies, Black Fly Outfitter a Florida corporation and Black Fly Bonefish Club Limited, a Bahamian corporation.

Fishing Philosophy

Clint's Permit Our fishing was best described by one of our recent guests when asked if he would help us spread the word about Black Fly Bonefish Club, his one-word answer was "No". One of his buddies said that he would never travel half way around the world again when he could come here. The guy owns two jets!
What we've found is basically a rarely fished area where there are only a few lodges at this time. The guides up north don't need to come this far south and the guys in the south don't need to come this far north, so that leaves us in the middle with Moore's island and Gorda Key as the prize fishing grounds of Abaco. We've found all sizes of bonefish which means the fishery is very healthy, mutton snappers, huge barracudas, more permit than anywhere I've ever been and just enough tarpon to think any day you can go for a Grand Slam. My last trip, I caught my personal "best" bonefish in my fishing career...I was stunned at the size of the fish in the school that I threw to.
The key to our success will be the diversity of fishing opportunities that we have to offer. You can only catch so many 2 to 4 pound bonefish before you start to think "what's next"? Not only do we have some of the largest bonefish I've ever seen but the quality of the permit fishing is second to none. I guided in the keys for many years, I fished the Marquesas, I've lived in Belize and know that permit fishery well and I would put the permit fishing in Abaco up against any of those places. It's hard to believe it's been a secret this long. Additionally, when the harbor and marina are finished at Schooner Bay, we will have access to the offshore fishery just outside our harbor entrance. We will be the closest marina to the world famous "Hole in the Wall" where all of the prized game fish roam year round. Bonefish in the morning and sailfish in the afternoon!

The Boats

Skiff Our philosophy on boats is another area where we had to re-evaluate what the other lodges have done and how we were going to give our angler the safest and best possible angling experience. One of the biggest complaints that we hear is that "that ride to and from the fishing beat us to death" especially with the move to smaller technical poling skiffs in the Bahamas. Our thinking is that our fishing area is more like the keys and Key West with areas of open water that you need to cross to get to good fishing. Also, fishing for larger bonefish and permit along with the tarpon in deeper water we found that a larger boat was the best choice for us. When the boat finally does touch bottom most people want to get out and wade anyway. Our solution...we bought the Hewes Redfish 21 with lots of room and comfortable seat backs for those rough rides on the way back to the lodge.

Our Fabulous Food

Fish dish Food is the final subject listed in most fishing lodge brochures but we think it's almost the first thing that anglers care about. I read in a recent "Angling Report" issue where an angler had gone to a lodge in the Bahamas and had a great week but was never served a Bahamian meal the whole time he was there. Clint Kemp is not only one of the greatest general managers of a fishing lodge that I've ever met, but he probably is the best Bahamian chef I've ever encountered....except for maybe his father Anthony. We serve conch daily in some form or another and fish or lobster will appear several times during your stay. Don't forget about stone crab claws in season or fried lobster sandwiches for lunch.