Big Charlies Bonefish


Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
Big Charlies has a varied fishery and you should be come here with flies for very shallow and very deep water, depending on how big of a bone fish you want to catch. Almost all of the flies recommended by anglers are larger sizes and we agree. Gotcha Clousers are at the top of the list from size 1 down to 4's. Regular gotchas are from size 1 to 4. Include Charlies down to 4's, Yarn Crabs size 2 and 4 and Pink Puffs size 4 and 6.
Offshore: If you have the opportunity, try getting out for the big guys. You'll need some big baitfish patterns. Also, don't forget about the Tarpon at Big Charlies....Bunny Death in 2/0, Toads in Purple and Chartreuse 2/0, a deceiver or two and a cockroach pattern.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Gotcha Clouser

Bunny Gotcha

Crazy Charlie

Perez Crab

About the Fishing

Andros Island, located approximately 150 miles east of the Florida Keys, is one of the top bonefish destinations in the world. Big Charlie’s Lodge is located in the middle of an area filled with flats, creeks, cays, cuts, and mangroves – some of the best bonefish habitat in the world. Whether you’re a first time saltwater flats fisherman or a seasoned angler looking for a trophy bonefish, Andros Island should strongly be considered. Big Charlies Bonefish For first-time saltwater fishermen or intermediate anglers looking to improve, Andros offers huge numbers of bonefish that will readily take a fly. Anglers new to fishing for bones can be taken to areas of the island where they can tune their skills on large numbers of small to medium-sized fish. Andros may also be the best island in the Bahamas – if not the best in the world – for seeking BIG bonefish! If you are looking for big fish, then Andros is your place and Charlie's lodge is your spot.
One of the main draws for anglers visiting Andros is the uninhabited “West Side” of the island. A good portion of unexplored territory still remains on the west side, and the fish are rarely pressured. This equates to a large population of fish, many of which reach world-class size. This side of the island is acknowledged as one of the premier “trophy bonefish” areas in the world, and is also one of the top destinations in the Bahamas for tarpon. Charlie and his guides are tarpon fanatics, and arguably the best guides in the Bahamas for those anglers interested in pursuing the Silver King. A boat ride from Big Charlie’s Lodge to the west side will average one to one and twenty minutes.

About the Lodge

Big Charlies Bonefish Lodge Charlie’s lodge, the recently renovated Nottage’s Cottages property, is located on Andros’ Northern Bight at the very end of the road, known affectionately by the locals as the "Bitter End." The lodge can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time, and each room is equipped comfortable double beds, air conditioning, ceiling fans, refrigerator, and a private bathroom. The bar has a TV. Five of the lodge’s rooms face the water and offer a panoramic view of the North Bight. The lodge’s dining room sits adjacent to a large patio area, and both offer panoramic waterfront views of the Bight. Bahamian Cusine Enjoy post fishing cocktails and fresh conk fritters on the deck, while watching your buddy stalks (spook) bones on the home flat. Actually, there is a productive flat in front of the lodge that is best fished during lower tides. The menu is a combination of classic Bahamian dishes and various international cuisine, all prepared by Charlie’s co-host at the lodge, Fatiha Lamghari.

Boats and Equipment

Anglers fish from Maverick and Dolphin skiffs, complete with poling platforms, 90 HP Yamaha outboards, long-range VHS radios, and spacious casting decks.


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