North Andros Fly Fishing

Vaughn's Fly Box Picks:
North Andros loves the traditional flies, Gotchas and Charlies with bead chain eyes in 4's 6's and 8's. You should have a range of colors from bright to subtle with all of these flies in various sink rates. Remember, the thinking is that a bonefish fly should sink to the bottom in 2 seconds. We also found that you should include Squimps in size 6, Pink Mini Puffs in 6 and Bunny Gotchas in 6 and 8.

Top flies recommended for this lodge.

Bunny Gotcha

Pink Gotcha

Crazy Charlie


About the Fishing

North Andros Bonefish The guides at North Andros Fly Fishing make this destination a solid fishing-focused option for Andros or anywhere in the Bahamas. They have a passion for fly-fishing and fish long, hard days. The guides are professional, run quality boats, and are fun to spend the day with. They can work with all levels of anglers and take pride in their instructional attributes.

The expansive fishing grounds in northern Andros might be some of the most beautiful flats in the world. The lodge's favorite place to fish is the Joulter’s Cays, and the boat launch is only 15 minutes from Nicolls Town and the lodge at Lowes Sound. The Joulters Cay’s flats are hard, white, and sandy-bottomed, making this a wade anglers dream. At times the flats reach to the horizon, and when conditions are right, it is not uncommon to be surrounded by schools of bonefish pushing water and tailing. The Red Bays access is on the West Side of Andros and is approximately 20 minutes from the lodge. The West Side is known for big bones, resident tarpon, and the occasional permit. It is rare to see other anglers while fishing throughout the day in North Andros, generally because of the lack of guide boats visiting this region and the amazingly-huge fishing grounds that the guides have to choose from. The guides in North Andros use public boat ramps to launch their skiffs, therefore you will typically see other boats only at the beginning and end of the day. Once the boats are in the water, they disburse and spread out in a hurry.


The main target species are bonefish, which can be fished year round. The average bonefish in the area is between 3 and 5 pounds, but expect quality opportunities at some larger bonefish in the 7-10 pound class. The guides of North Andros Fly Fishing also know tarpon and love to hunt them on the flats around the creeks and channels on the West Side and throughout the Joulters Cays. North Andros is one of the most dependable permit areas in all of the Bahamas. The flats that border deep water are prime permit areas during settled weather. If you really want to pursue the Silver King or fish permit, then the late spring and summer months provide the warmer temperatures that these fish prefer. We rank this destination as one of the top economical values for flyfishing on North Andros.

About the Lodge

North Andros Lodge Accommodations are in a renovated, comfortable, air-conditioned house with three bedrooms and two private baths. There is a well decorated living room with satellite T.V. and the adjacent well screened open air dining porch is where dinner is served. The house is in a quiet neighborhood with houses on either side but nothing across the sandy lane. Your hosts Phillip and Betsy Rolle live just around the corner and this is where the meals are prepared, then brought to your house. The beautiful beach is a three minute walk from the house and is made up of soft white sand that blends into the crystal clear azure waters of the ocean. Nicolls Town is a short 10 minute stroll south down the beach or a 15 minutes walk down the lane that parallels the beach. If there are two separate groups at the house alternate accommodations are available in Nicolls Town and are very clean, comfortable, and air conditioned. Phillip and Betsy are currently remodeling another house next to the current property and it should be ready in the fall of 2008! This will provide guests with more privacy if there are separate groups.

Boats and Equipment

Anglers fish from 16-foot Dolphin Super Skiffs and Mavericks, complete with poling platforms, 75-170 HP Yamaha outboards, and spacious casting decks. They are roomy, fast and comfortable.


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